Three cats and a gypsy

I have always been a cat lover and cats have been part of my life since I was a child.

I now share my home with my 3 crazy but fluffy and lovable kitties,Mr Boots,Paws and Loki.

They each have their own individual personalities as cats do and all 3 ‘found’ me and became part of the family.

Mr Boots and paws are brothers and very similar in their black and white markings but totally different in personalty.We found each other quite by accident when i was at a visit to the vets with my kitten.They had been dumped outside the vets in a box that morning as kittens around 8 weeks old.The receptionist explained as we stroked the bedraggled poorly kittens that sadly they were to be put to sleep later that day as the local cats homes were full and they weren’t able to re-home them.

Long story short…they came home with us and have now grown into beautiful adult cats and i’m so grateful we were there at the vets that day.

Loki is a year younger,a small all black cat with dual personality,either fussy,purry and loving or totally crazy!

He also came to me by chance as a tiny kitten.He had been found dumped in a neighbors  dustbin along with several others.The neighbor had managed to find homes for the others but not this tiny black kitten.She knew i was a cat lover so asked if i would take him.And how could I refuse!

So I thought it time to open a shop especially for cat lovers!

To view what’s available in my store please visit

This is a new shop and I’m currently working on new designs to add to it,including notebooks and stationary 🙂

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