Vintage Treasures…


My love of collecting and hunting for vintage home wares is growing with a passion!

From being a teenager i have always loved a good rummage around flea markets,table top sales and second hand fairs in village halls.In fact much to my parents dismay,most of my clothing came from such places,and once i discovered there was treasure within village halls i was addicted!

Now there are so many more ways to feed my passion with the addition of car boot sales,second hand shops,charity shops and of course the internet!

I love collecting and finding out as much information about each item as i possibly can.Often spending hours a day searching through the internet and books on vintage,antiques and collectibles till i find what i am looking for.When i do find information i can then photograph and list them in my shop,ready for them to go to their new homes… has now grown from me just selling my art work and hand crafted creations,to include all kinds of vintage treasures too,and i just love the direction in which it is going and growing! My Etsy store,which i opened for vintage wares,is growing daily along with my passion for it!

I have many new items listed regularly in my shop and you never can tell what may appear in there next from treasure hunts! It takes time to find information,photograph and list all my treasures,so if there is an item you are looking for in particular,please feel free to message me as i may just have it hidden away or be able to source it for you.

Below are some of the more recent additions to Bohemian Blessed,i now have around 200 items listed and more being added regularly…


Fiona Gypsy Bunting


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