Figgjo Flint


I have always loved old vintage pots and kitchen wares,so opening a vintage shop seemed a natural thing to do.That way I get to hunt for lovely vintage wares that catch my eye and learn a little about each piece.

Since opening my shop early this year I am really enjoying the ‘journey’ of finding beautiful old kitchen and home wares and learning of different producers of pottery,ceramics and china.Some of them are no longer in operation,others still continue to produce work now.

This week I came across a beautiful vintage serving plate in a second hand shop.It caught my eye and as soon as i picked it up could tell it was of beautiful quality.Once home I did some research and found it was produced by Figgjo Flint…

On doing research on Figgjo Flint,I found that the styles they created differed greatly.The plate I now have in my shop is beautiful,chintzy and floral.The other style of work produced by the Norwegian company is much different,very folk art orientated.The images are very simple looking and often include people,from fishermen to dancers.

The company was formed in 1941,producing porcelain ceramics.The name Figgjo Flint came about in the 1960s,when Stavengerflint merged with Figgjo Fanjanse.The company continue production today under the name of Figgjo AS at Figgjo in Norway.

As a lover of folkart and Scandinavian style art this kitchen ware really appeals to me!

Below are a few of my favorite pieces…..

Below is the piece I found in a second hand shop that lead me to discovering Figgjo Flints wonderful ceramics,I feel an urge to make room in my kitchen for a collection of this!;

Blessings,Fiona Gypsy 🙂

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