Art,Spirituality and Living Your Dreams

Art,Spirituality and Living your Dreams…….

As you can probably tell from some of my artwork,spirituality and nature are the main inspiration for my work.By painting from our true inspirations,our loves,our work is then created from the heart,from the soul.

I have always loved painting,but not until i did an art and design course at college,did i start painting from the heart,from within,and truly learn to express my inner self.

Around that time,i also discovered ‘spirituality’.This led me on a whole new path,a path of self discovery,of releasing the free spirit within me.Learning and growing in many ways,but mainly learning to release myself of the constrictions,the invisible boundaries that we live within.Throughout our lives many of us conform to what is said to be the ‘norm’,we are conditioned to live a certain way from generation to generation,often without even realising it,but at the same time not feeling entirely comfortable and ‘at home’ with how we are living,or with who we are.

Spirituality i’m sure can be defined in many different ways.For me it means being myself,my true self which is not influenced by others opinions.It means living freely from conformity,and thus living a life that makes you feel whole,free and able to be the best version of that self possible.It means feeling totally at ‘home’ in a certain place,with certain people,and with yourself.

In college i learnt to break free of conformity in my art work.I learnt to paint from the heart,to express myself,being totally inspired by my surroundings,by the colours,the aromas of paints,clay,fabrics etc and the creative people i was surrounded with,the old character filled building.This place was home! Not home as in where i lived,but home within me,within my soul.

Through spirituality i realised that we create our own reality.By our thoughts and words and actions,we create our life and our path.By focusing our mind,by the words we speak and think,we are putting our intent out into the Universe,and the Universe responds by giving us the mirror image in return.In short,if we think positively,we create a positive life,if we think negatively,we bring more negativity into our life.

We can create and manifest anything we wish for in our life,all we need is belief.Belief in ourselves and in the power within us.(There are many books available on manifesting and LOA,The Law of Attraction),the basics being what we put out there we will receive.Powerful and magical stuff πŸ™‚

Through both college and spirituality,my path changed.I started to meet like minded people,inspirational and creative people and finally felt comfortable with who i was and with expressing my inner self in different ways.Art being one of them.

I recently came in contact with a very talented guy,who i think i can say is also inspired spiritually.His work is beautiful and i feel a great connection to some of the figures within his work.{You can check out his artwork at } Through him,i was introduced to a magazine that was being launched called Indigo Thinking,which was asking for artists to submit their work.After reading the opening paragraph on their website,i knew i had to get in touch and submit my work.I love their ethos,their way of thinking,they too being believers that we create our own reality by our thoughts and actions.

So when i was asked if my Woodland Deer artwork could be featured on the back cover of the magazine,i was excited to say the least! To not only have my art featured in a magazine,but one that is akin to my lifestyle and beliefs.The first edition is now out and available to download for free, filled with interesting articles,artwork,and much more.Well worth a read!

To view/download the magazine and to have a look at their Holistic website visit

Thank you for reading,Bright Blessings to you all…

and remember,always aim for the Moon,for if you miss you will land among the Stars πŸ™‚Β IMG_5666


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