Upcycled scarves


As you will know if you have read any of my previous posts,I love a bit of recycling! If I can use items that no longer serve their previous purpose and turn them into something new,then I will…

I am terrible at throwing things away as I just know that at some point there will be that moment of ‘ahhhhhh…THAT’S what I can use that for!’

Which is one of the reasons I have so little space to work in my studio…..but….it also means when that ‘ahhhhh’ moment comes along I am grateful I didn’t get rid of things I need 🙂

So when I had the idea to create some scarves and a few rough ideas in my head on how I wanted them to look,I knew that they needed to be made from recycled fabrics.I wanted that bohemian/hippie look to them,something that couldn’t be found elsewhere.Something that recycled fabrics could give me.

I love playing around with mixing texture together and a large variety of fabrics enables me to this.I also feel that recycled fabrics have their own ‘character’ too,which can lend itself as part of its new identity.

Using recycled clothing for this collection of scarves is perfect! I love how part of a shirt can become a feature in a totally different way,something that probably wouldn’t happen when faced with a piece of new,unused fabric.Recycling fabric is something I have had a fascination with since a child,when I would disappear to the garden shed {much to my dads despair!},with an item of old clothing,scissors,needle and thread.Usually small stuffed animals would be created back then,which progressed as I grew older to creating my own style of clothing.

So I’m loving how these scarves are coming together! I love scarves anyway and have a large selection which continues to grow.They are just so versatile,and can add a different look instantly to anything you wear…as well as keeping you a little warmer 🙂

These first two I’ve made as cowl scarves,so easy to wear and not bulky like larger scarves.One is made from a recycled shirt which i have used the pleated button through front as a feature,adding some natural cotton yarn flowers and vintage buttons for extra detail.

The second is made from a lovely silky cotton fabric which was originally a pair of wrap around trousers,so both the trouser legs and the contrasting waist band and ties have been incorporated into it.To this one I have also added some really cool large oval beads,recycled from a stash of jewelry,saved for times like this!

Both are now listed in my newest Etsy shop,which is gradually being filled with gypsy/bohemian style bags and accessories.In the new year I plan to start adding upcycled clothing too.

***If you would like a scarf creating just for you,please contact via email or my etsy shop for a custom order***

These can be found in my shop at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/agypsyloveafayre ,more are being created and added too…

Thanks for stopping by,Blessings,

Fiona Gypsy

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