Spirit/Art Dolls



I have recently started creating spirit dolls and art dolls.I find these not only beautiful items to treasure,but also very therapeutic to make.

Below are images of both sold and ones still available.If you would like a spirit doll made specifically for you please feel free to contact me to arrange a custom order especially for you.

Spirit dolls have many uses as well as just being decorative.They can be also be filled with lavender or any other dried herb and can also contain something personal to you like a note or small object.

They can be used as an amulet,or placed at the altar,hung by the bed or carried around in your pocket or bag{I have made smaller ones for carrying with you or placing in a portable altar box.

Each one i create is individual and unique and i just find them magical and beautiful!

I also create worry dolls,designed especially for adults.These can include lavender which is a beautiful calming scent or can be made without also.



I have also created a spirit doll kit,which is available to purchase in my etsy shop or through facebook/paypal.

The kit is pictured above and includes the fabric pattern pieces for the goddess which has been printed from my own artwork design.In the kit is everything you need to complete her,from needles,embroidery threads,stuffing,beads,ribbons and more!

Available at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/heartofnaturestudio

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