The Hamsa Hand

To me the Hamsa Hand,is fascinating and very beautiful.Maybe it’s the intricate patterns within them,the different decorative styles,colours,or the basic shape,which looks quite simple but once decorated,complex within.

I’m not sure why it is I feel so drawn to them,but I have recently enjoyed creating some of my own in various mediums.

As with any art I create,I find these very therapeutic to work on.Creating the patterns within is like creating mandalas,very relaxing and meditative.In most Hamsa hands you will find there is an eye in the palm of the hand.This is thought to be a powerful talisman against the evil eye.


Historically,it was most commonly created by being carved in jet or formed from silver,a metal believed to represent purity and also hold magical powers.It depicts the open right hand,and is used in many societies as a sign of protection,is thought to bring good luck and happiness,and also represents blessings,power and strength.

Today you will find it on many decorative items for the home and also used to create some beautiful jewellery.

I have been busy creating some painted on canvas{the one above},and in watercolour.

I then had the idea to cut the shape out of wood which i could then paint,decorate and hang from leather cord,which could then be hung on the wall or in the window.So yesterday afternoon I drew out the shapes on a piece of reclaimed wood and nervously got started on the cutting out.Nervously because I really didn’t want to lose any fingers or hands whilst creating hands! It actually went better than i imagined,no trips to A&E were necessary..bonus! πŸ™‚

Yesterday evening and today were spent sanding and preparing the hands with several coats of paint,a few more coats and they will be ready for the pattern work πŸ™‚ Below are some pictures took along the process,including a very sneaky one taken of me whilst using the fret saw!

Me using the fret saw,scary but fun!
Prepared on reclaimed wood,ready for cutting..eeeek!
All cut out and both the fingers of the wood and on my hands,still intact..bonus!
…and finally getting some colour! Still more coats of paint needed and some sanding to be done,but should be ready for pattern work tomorrow! πŸ™‚

So there are my wooden Hamsa Hands so far!

Blessings,Fiona πŸ™‚

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