Natures Inspiration

Nature is amazing don’t you think? Not only is it amazing scientifically,which is actually mind blowing amazing! … but also in its sheer beauty.Each time I step outside for a walk,wherever it may be,if there are trees,plants,greenery etc,I have to just take time to stand and just look at it.I find it impossible to pass a tree without first gazing at its bark,its branches,its knots,leaves and roots!

The beautiful bark of a silver birch tree

If there’s opportunity to not only gaze,but feel the bark and the trees energies and take photographs…even better! But we don’t have to lay our hands on trees,or hug them{as I often do!},to feel their energies.Just by being near them,being in nature we feel their energies.We share their energies and Vice Versa! Amazing eh! Nature is a natural healer.Feeling stressed? Take a walk among trees,greenery,plants etc,and the stress starts melting away…

The inspiration for my artwork is undoubtably connected to nature and the energies around and within us.On a recent walk in the Peak District,I was reminded again just how amazing and inspiring Mother Nature is!

Looking down on Silver Birch trees at the views across the Peak District…

I was lucky enough to have my camera with me and took some photographs.Which I would like to share with you,along with photographs I have taken whilst out and about in other places too…

Some of these are taken in local woodlands or on local walks.I never ever cease to be amazed and totally inspired by the colours,textures and sheer wonder that is nature!

Earlier this year walking to my local post office to post some orders,I walked the ‘pretty route’,down tree lined pathways that were once railway lines.On the way I came across a tree that I just had to go back later and take a photograph of! This was at the beginning of opening my ‘Heart of Nature Studio’ business.This tree signified something to me.It was as if it was telling me I was on the right path! The photograph below will tell you why 🙂

If you need inspiration or to re-connect with your innerself,Nature for me never fails…

*Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. * Khalil Gibran

Blessings,Fiona 🙂

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