Feeling The Love

Good evening and happy January folks!

I hope you are all feeling nicely rested and chilled after the Festive holidays? I don’t really partake in the celebrations of Christmas as such,but I do enjoy the peace that seems to transcend all around for a few days when all is quiet and seems like the world is resting,listening and waiting…..

And so I like to use that time for catching up on important stuff..you know the kind of stuff I mean…snuggling up in the armchair,drinking cups of tea,watching films and gazing out the window kind of stuff! Nothing like recharging the batteries for a few days to get you all re-energized and wanting to run back into the studio,sketch book and head full of ideas for new creations,all of which came to you whilst sitting resting in the arm chair or gazing out the window! If you are anything like me that is 😉 The creative side of my brain never sleeps,in fact when I get chance to sit and just ‘be’,it seems that part of my brain wakes up even more and gets all tiggerish and excited!

So having had my festive rest,I am back in my Studio,feeling the love, ideas flowing,and raring to get all these creations started!

With Valentine Day not too far away,i thought i would work on a heart theme this week,well I am The ‘Heart’ Of Nature Studio after all! And I am also feeling so much love for life and its endless possibilities and magicalness! So below are some new heart themed items I have been working on,which are now added to my Etsy shop,I shall be working on more over the weekend too,I shall be thinking love,feeling love,and creating love,and by doing those love things i shall also be spreading and sprinkling love,cos that,is the magical way in which the Universe works with us! 🙂

Blessings to you all,

Fiona 🙂



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