Greeting Cards


I am pleased to say that i now have a selection of my artwork available as greeting cards!

These cards have been Gallery printed to high standards and are of beautiful quality.Can you tell i love them!!!

They have been printed at a Gallery in Somerset and i chose recycled card as my preference for printing on.I have four designs available at the moment but i’m very excited to be working on some more designs specifically aimed at greeting cards,plus i shall be having some of my previous art works printed and available too in the near future!

They make a beautiful more individual gift card than picking one up from a card shop in town where you will possibly find little choice from shop to shop! Not only that but the recipient also has a piece of art work to save after the occasion! win win!

I don’t know about you,but i really love browsing and buying cards designed and printed by artists!

We don’t always have the space to hang all the art we love and would like to own,so buying a card is an option if you have limited space…

They are also great if you are on a budget but love art and would like to own some of your favourite pieces! Indeed they can be bought,fitted in a mount,a frame added and there you have your favourite art ready to hang at an affordable price!

All of that said,there is also another very important reason to purchase an artists card.I read an article on this a few years back{wish i could remember the link to it!},but it was very interesting and thought provoking too!

It was something along the lines of ‘Just a Card’….. and the basic content/concept being that if people that visited either art fairs/craft fairs/galleries/online artist shops etc etc,bought just one greeting card from the artist,it would help that artist stay in business.It would help keep art alive,not only for the artist but for the viewer! Understandably not everyone can afford to buy a large piece of art or indeed has room for it.But for the price of a coffee for instance,you will have something that will bring joy either yourself or the person who would receive it,for much longer than a coffee would last…

And not only are you buying a little piece of art,you are also buying a small part of the artist.A small part of the heart and soul that went into creating that artwork,and therefore a small part of the artists dream and being part of helping keep that dream alive,growing and thriving!

Thank you for reading,and as always,Bright Blessings to you all 🙂


Above are a selection of the Gallery printed cards available,titled;

‘Leaping Hare’   ~    ‘Mr Fox’    ~    ‘Raven Woods’    ~    ‘Circle of Life’

Available at




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