Bohemian Blessed is born……


Those of you that have followed the progression of my work through Heart of Nature Studio,will probably have noticed that i now have another little ‘love’ in my life,along side Heart of Nature! …

That little ‘love’ being Bohemian Blessed!

And you may be wondering….why? So let me explain! 🙂

I have many things that inspire me creatively,these things inspire me to either paint,or to ‘create’ in other ways. I am drawn to so many different styles,colours,eras,textures!

I love,as i always have in different ways through life,to mix these inspirations together and see what transpires! To grab a BIG palette,a large paintbrush,a selection of threads,sewing needles,a few coloured pencils,a large canvas,the words of some wonderful poetry….and mix it all together into a whole new and beautiful creation! Metaphorically speaking 😉

…And so i created Bohemian Blessed! Which is THE place for all these creations and inspirations! Though my 2 passions are very similar in style….{my art work /and my more textile/wood based/upcycled creations},i felt they needed to be separated to be appreciated for themselves!

I feel they both come from the same inner loves and inspirations,just created in different materials!     So what are my inspirations? What are the things that make me want to grab my materials whatever they may be,and CREATE…?

The list grows as i do,but here are a few words that may hopefully conjure up the same wonderful,colourful,textured,beautiful,warm,unusual,eclectic mix of home decor vision,that is inside my head right this very second! Think Morocco with its bold colours and patterns,think vintage with the textured lace,the fringing,the lampshades,the crisp cotton linen,think Bohemian…ahhhh..Bohemian..i have long since been drawn to the whole wonderfulness that is Bohemian.In fact since being a young teenager,when on a family trip we visited London,and WOW! I can still remember the scents of incense and oils wafting from the shops and stalls,the colours the amazing mix of colours from creams through to beautifully patterned spice colours,deep colours,textures,dream catchers,woodenbeads,painted beads…ohhh the beads,the fabrics,the clothing and….the FEEL of it all!!! Totally magical!!!!!!!!

I seem to remember being dragged away eventually by less impressed family members lol!But that trip will always stay with me because i remember feeling totally inspired by it all,awoken,happy,and at home!   So..mix all of that above with the words of poets,the feel of grass beneath my feet,soft sunlight,love,and the Magic of Nature and the Universe and well,you cannot help but feel … Bohemian Blessed!!!

It is very early days yet for BB,but i have so many ideas,so much inspiration and so many directions for it to go,i cannot help but feel very excited and very Blessed to be on this amazing creative journey!

You can keep up to date with Bohemian Blessed at    and

For my art work which is nature/spiritual/folklore/bohemian inspired,you can follow me at   and

Blessings,Fiona Gypsy 🙂



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