Folk art and chickens!


One one of my recent scavenging hunts in town for vintage lace,linen and crochet,i came across 3 sad looking wooden chickens.Now being a chicken lover{not a lover of eating chicken as i’m a veggie!},and an enthusiastic upcycler,i could not walk away and go home without them! So i purchased the hens,whispering to them whilst putting them in my shopping bag,that i do solemnly swear to love,paint and make them beautiful šŸ™‚ … yes,yes,i am a little strange{at times!} …

So with chickens safely rescued i continued on with my hunt for all things lace and linen and generally pretty or vintage.That is a whole other story,but i shall add that,yes i succeeded in my quest and came home with a separate bag stuffed full of said lace,linen,crochet and cotton…and a BIG smile on my face! Now THAT is the kind of shopping that makes me happy! šŸ˜€

Once home,coffee made and back in my studio room,i emptied out my bags of goodies and smiled at them like a child at Christmas! I sorted through all the fabrics and lace first and put them on a gentle wash,going back to sip my coffee and chat with my chickens…

Over coffee i decided how i would like these chickens to be decorated.I really love folklore,folk art,tole painting,that kinda style! I looked at the chooks and thought,yes,that will suit you! šŸ™‚

So i sorted out the colours i wanted to use,i stuck to cream,black and red,mixing a little grey and pink from them too.The chickens had a little sanding to remove their existing paint and then i got started on them with the paint,and wow,did i love decorating them! Once finished they had some coats of varnish and little bits of lace or fabric for decoration and voila…..beautiful folkart chickens!

Since listing these in last night,2 of them have sold,in fact one sold within a couple of minutes,the other not much longer either! Once i had finished painting them i got inspired to do something i had wanted to for quite a long while and never got around to it,a painting of a chicken! So i have one in progress as i type! Although the chicken is actually more of a rooster,but either way is looking pretty cool i think so far šŸ™‚ Hopefully over the weekend i shall be able to complete him in between a bit more gardening,listing some new items in my shop and all the other things on my growing list šŸ˜‰

Thanks for dropping by,

Blessings,Fiona šŸ™‚

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