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I have always been drawn to ‘old’ and ‘loved’ things.They seem to have so much character,almost like they have stories to tell of their previous lives! I wonder if it is because they bring back fond childhood memories.Memories of spending time at my grans house whilst my parents were working.Of being allowed to play in my grans spare bedroom,a room which was filled with ‘treasure’ for the imagination!

I clearly remember there being the old solid metal trunks piled up in the corner.On top of them where folded blankets.My sister and i would clamber to the top of them and they would be included in our many games.

But my favourite thing at my grans by far though,was a tin!A tin she kept in the pantry.It was a dark rusty looking oblong tin,smooth to the touch i remember.Now that tin held so much fascination for me…and hours of fun! On the occasions i stayed over night there,my gran would make me toast for supper and then she would hobble to the pantry in her full and worn apron she always wore,and return with THE tin! {Now i feel before i carry on i MUST say that my grans toast was the best toast ever,anywhere! I couldn’t tell you why,it was hovis with butter as we had at home,BUT it tasted soooo good! Now don’t even get me started on her pancakes}!!!

But back to the tin! That tin was magic! It contained hundreds and hundreds of…buttons!!! So many different buttons of different sizes,different shapes,different colours,different materials,weights ets etc! Some of them had small pieces of fabric attached to them as they were being ‘recycled’ from old clothing and nothing then went to waste or was thrown away if it could be used.Some of them were from old uniforms too.I had my favorites among them of course,but each and every button would be used in my ‘game’ playing with them 🙂

So back to where i love of ‘old’ things,things that had character,or that could be re-used in the same or a different way.Things that conjure up memories.Some of my favorite ‘old’ items i use regularly that i found at second hand markets,are blue and white striped.I am really drawn to this style{below is a vintage jug,now stained with paint inside i may add,but holds my brushes perfectly},i also have a large baking bowl,french i think,which is also vintage and used for mixing and baking.These blue and white striped treasures are i’m sure loved by me so much because they remind me of my grans kitchen!

In a previous blog i wrote on ‘Bohemian Blessed’,i talk about my love of old and unusual clothing as a teenager.{This as with my need to change haircolours/styles,is still something i love}.Clothes and hair,are a way of ‘expressing’ our inner selves,so i lovely to see people dressed imaginatively and uniquely!

So from being a teenager really i have sought the unusual,the ‘loved’ items,the worn and the re-usable.Vintage and pre-loved are a part of both my home and my wardrobe,and after 30 plus years of collecting such treasures,they always will be.The feeling of coming across such things i love is a real pleasure! Some items that were made so many years ago,by far outshine many items manufactured today.And with tlc,will no doubt out live many things made today too!

In my mind I have always had an image of the kind of ‘shop’ i would love to ownWhat it would sell,the ‘feel’ of it,the look of it,the reason behind it,the whole package.By opening my  Bohemian Blessed online vintage shop,i feel i am finally pulling all of my passions together,mixing them up,re-arranging them.My Heart of Nature Studio shop combined with my Bohemian Blessed shop,together,they are unmistakably me and my passions,and all come together in Fiona Gypsy….


My vintage homeawres and accessories shop can be found at …

I am Blessed to be doing something i love so much…

Blessings to you too,Fiona Gypsy


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